Inbox Blueprint Review – What You Should Know

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Inbox Blueprint has been around for about four years. It is estimated that the first version was sold over 10K times. It introduced several students to email marketing who have been successful. Since 2016, the program has been closed. However, Anik Singal and his team are planning to re-open it and make it better for 2018.

What is new?

email marketing program 6t2With the new version, there are a lot of bonuses, training, and live training webinars. It will not only teach you how to create a profitable email marketing business, but it will do most of the work for you. With only a few clicks, you are free to set up your squeeze page, thank you page, lead magnet, and an auto-responder. In fact, you will have all these things in a single place.

What will you learn?


In this section, you will learn everything about Inbox Blueprint 2.0. Also, you will learn what business is about, meet some coaches, and understand the business model.

Addiction meter

This is the first step. You will learn everything you should know about choosing the right email marketing niche. You will learn the following:

  • Choosing a niche
  • Profitable niches
  • Using Launch Pad
  • Niche ideas
  • Exercise

The bait

This is the second step. After choosing your selected niche, you will be taught how to create a website where you collect emails and then use them to build the list. This is known as an opt-in page. You will get an opportunity to learn how an opt-in page works.

TYP method

This is step three where Anik teaches you how to build and use the “thank you page.” This will help you start generating revenues as soon as you start to get subscribers. In fact, you can get revenues to pay for the startup costs. Moreover, it is useful in building a massive list of subscribers.

Email machine overview

In this step, you will learn about autoresponder. In fact, you will acquire one for free. The following are things you will learn:

  • Basics of autoresponders
  • Click tracking
  • Broadcasting versus automated messages
  • Exercise: install the click tracker and autoresponder

List building

email marketing program w34In this module, you will learn to write emails, great subject lines, content, and building a relationship with the email list. In this way, they can buy your goods and services on a continuous basis. This should be your favorite module if you are interested in building a passive income business. When you know your subscribers and what they want, you can easily share with them and make lots of money.

Payday secrets

This is a useful module you should pay attention to. This is because it teaches you how you can increase your revenue; improve your relationship with the list, and much more.

Easy traffic

This module is only about getting traffic. Your effort will be fruitless if you do not get traffic. You will learn about guest blogging, forums, Twitter, Blog commenting, and much more.

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