Martial Arts, Defense and Discipline

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Martial arts for defense and discipline can probably tie its roots back to the earliest beginning of humanity. No matter what period, or what civilization, martial arts in some form of fighting, has been used for defense and discipline.

Many people associate the origins of martial arts with China. But, although Bruce Lee may Martial Arts 02have enthralled us as the Hong Kong-born, Chinese actor who almost singlehandedly brought the thrill of martial arts to the mainstream, martial arts have, and are practiced, all over the world over.

And today, millions of people engage in the strict discipline of learning martial arts, whether it is karate, the fluid kung fu, the rough Brazilian Jujitsu, the lightning fast Judo, or one of the other many forms that we see.

Martial Arts as A Defense

It is sad, and not uncommon to hear where some defenseless person has been attacked, or a child abducted. In many of those cases, having martial arts as a defense could have changed the situation.

We can envision the difficulty of a situation when one or more people attack a small and defenseless person. But, change that scenario to one where that same person is trained in martial art’s defense. They will at least have an opportunity to break away and run for their life. No matter the size differences, the trained martial arts person will have sufficient basic skills to give themselves a fighting chance.

Martial Arts as Discipline

Martial Arts 03In early Chinese history, martial arts were used as a form of discipline of the mind to help Buda Monks make it through the long and arduous sessions of meditation. They not only trained the body, but they also trained the mind to accept conditions that most of us would find unbearable.

In today’s society, martial arts are still used to train the mind, with self-control in the mind, strength of the body and truthfulness of the heart. In short, martial arts train and condition the mind as to when it is necessary to react, but respond in a planned and calculated manner.

We see so many things wrong today in the world. They are from simple examples of road rage to fighting with your husband, your wife, or family, to sometimes violence in the streets. Martial arts teaches the redirection of the negative energy into a place that is kind, considerate and warming. Martial arts teach that you are trained in defense, so there is no need to react unless that is the last option.


Martial arts for defense and discipline have been with us possibly since the earliest of humanity. They have been taught so that people could defend themselves, but also used to train the mind to accept conditions that most of us could find unbearable. And in that light, nothing has changed today; martial arts are still used with the same goals in mind.