The Process of Sending Fax via Gmail

Today, one can easily send fax via Google Mail courtesy of third party services that link individuals accounts to numbers, enabling them to turn their PCs or smartphones into computerized fax machines. The send fax from Gmail enables one to send a fax just like an email. Therefore, it makes it very simple to make the jump to the internet fax. Indeed, the process of sending fax via Gmail is simple.

The process of sending fax via Gmail

Let us look at how an individual a fax via Gmail. For sure, thissadasdasdsa process is simple. In fact, the process is just similar to the traditional emailing. But, the process has some few differences. The differences majorly are; one needs to enter a fax number on TO field, fax contents are always attached to an email, and the cover page is the message field. Indeed, for one to try the steps below out, he or she will require an account with fax services.

Free trial accounts also work well in case a person does not want to spend some money while he or she get their feet wet in the email faxing world. An individual should just select the service that he or she want and begin faxing away.

  1. Enter the Gmail account, then click on Compose button to start new email creation
  2. On TO field, just enter the fax number desired followed by `` Here, one need to replace the with the domain that is given by his or her fax provider. For example, one can send the fax using eFax this way:
  3. Then one should enter the text that he or she want to appear on the cover page by using either the MESSAGE or SUBJECT field
  4. ewtrwerwrwrThen attach the files or documents to be faxed. The document can be picked from various common types of files, such as TXT, XLS, DOC, TIFF, JPG, and BMP. There are services that offer a broader array of file compatibility compared to others.
  5. Now that the fax is already composed, it is time to send it. Just press the send button and the process is completed.

These are the process of sending fax via Gmail. Transmitting a fax should not take more than one minute. After the process is completed, one will receive a confirmation message or even an error message that detail what has gone wrong during the process of sending the fax. However, it is rare to get the error message.

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